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Lynch syndrome international   protecting families saving lives faq   events articles media in tribute for professionals family history background diagnostic testing surveillance the women's risk survivors and previvors lsi library embrace life! generic cialis online Buddy to buddy tribute to dr. daily cialis Lynch directory by n2nsecure, inc article index survivors and previvors the diagnosis process surveillance testing treatment of lynch cancers lynch syndrome and the family preparing for treatment lynch cancers the diagnosis accepting the diagnosis choosing your physicians diet diet tips exercise skin and hair anti-discrimination managing treatment all pages page 2 of 16           this diagnosis is a reminder that this is the life you’ve got. And you’re not getting another one. Whatever has happened, you have to take this life and treasure and protect it. ~elizabeth edwards       the diagnosis process   the first process toward diagnosis is to research and document a thorough family medical history. The office of the united states surgeon general has a computerized program for the convenience of individuals to complete.   it can be printed and provided to our care providers for assessment of not only lynch syndrome but all hereditary disorders.   as well, the program has the capability to upload the documented family history directly to his/her medical record. generic viagra viagra Be sure and take a thorough family history, asking detailed questions.  find out if there were any hysterectomies or any biopsies taken and from where. buy cialis  were there any hospitalizations and for what? cialis pills  for those who passed away from cancers, see if you can get a copy of their medical records or death certificate. reputable online generic viagra If the family history reveals three family members who have sustained what appear to be lynch cancers, (colon, ovarian, endometrial, prostate, gastric tract, pancreatic, ureter, heptobiliary tract, renal pelvic, skin and brain) two of the individuals which are directly related to the third, and one who is under the age of fifty years old, it is quite possible the family members may be at high risk for lynch syndrome. cialis internet   this criteria is what is known as the revised amsterdam criteria. reputable online generic viagra   this criteria is only accurate in less than fifty percent of all families that have lynch syndrome and is also often not indicated with those who have the msh-6.   there are many families in which lynch syndrome cancers evolve following the age of fifty and recent studies indicate an average age of 56 years when cancer occurs. levitra cialis viagra   there are small families in which it is difficult to find this pattern.   therefore, try to expand your family history as detailed and as far back as possible. As state. reviews for viagra Le site de Louise

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